Leaving a Small Footprint

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that mankind’s activities are now begining to have a significant detrimental effect on the environment. It is therefore our pledge to where possible, refrain from using plastics or high carbon footprint materials. On this page we will discuss the various methods we are using to ensure that we are in balance with nature as much as possible. On this page, we will discuss some of the ways we are commited to working with nature.


Fully Biodegradable Packaging

We have partnered with a company in Denmark who have developed fully biodegradable pots. Their patent pending technology is a far cry from the bioplastics already on the market.

Where many bioplastics actually biodegrade in to harmful bioplastics, that affect marine life and eventually work their way through the food chain to humans, Natupharma pots fully biodegrade in to water within 10 years.

This means you can rest assured knowing that within a decade, no trace of the packaging you buy from us will be out there in the wilds.

Furthermore, these pots are sustainably created by using sugar cane as the main ingredient. As the sugar cane grows, it takes CO2 out of the atmosphere and uses it for growth. The result is a pot that feels and acts like plastic, yet is carbon neutral and biodegrades in to water.

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No Palm Oil

We like Orangutans. Alright, we’ve never sat down and had a proper chat with one, but they seem pretty cool. It would be a really bad move therefore, to destroy their homes in order to create palm oil plantations.

For as long as palm oil is as destructive to generate as it currently is, we will not use it in any of our products.

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